Roundup of 10KTF Creators Providing Valuable Content to the Community

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Whether you just discovered the project or are a “Day 1 OG”, the 10KTF community is filled with talented creators you should follow.

With just a little over a year under its belt, the team behind 10KTF recently ended its first season, which was filled with immersive experiences, incredible storytelling, and technological innovations, but achieving such feats did not come without its fair share of complexities. From layered mechanics in a robust ecosystem to speculating alpha that is seemingly hidden in plain sight, many in the community became inspired to articulate their perspectives on the project and experiment with unique ways to tell the story. This list of creators is by no means definitive, but these are some of the notable creators who are consistently putting in the work.

1. New Tokyo News

Originally started by DiamondHandz as early as November 2021, this Twitter Space happens every Sunday, starting at 12PM PST / 3PM EST. DiamondHandz is not only one of the original OG’s of the project, but he is also known for his “Dailys” in 10KTF’s Discord where he would present his findings and research on 10KTF as well as considerable speculations on the future of the project. While New Tokyo News now has Alf Alpha at the helm, this Space is supported by cohosts Mebynetta and DiamondHandz and definitely one you should attend to get the most accurate information from the truest OG’s of 10KTF.

2. 10KTF FM

What do you get when two of the worst news reporters take to the airwaves of New Tokyo and start their own radio show? You get 10KTF FM. Created by Abomb and Modest, these two deliver content that springboard off of the lore with fictional live action role-playing, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly participating in the acts. Their talents were recently broadcasted on Crazy Carl’s Twitter Space where they were brought on stage as being kidnapped by Wen Moon to get the first glimpse of Wagmi-san’s mech that was unfortunately, constructed with a neck.

3. Speculation Alley

Known for introducing 10KTF to Abomb himself, Cryptodilly takes Abomb to the cameras to present different findings and topics on the show “Speculation Alley”. Produced by Pacheco, the show first aired two months ago and has uploaded a total of 15 videos in addition to hosting Twitter Spaces to dissect ideas, such as whether 10KTF is a fashion brand down to a general introduction to 10KTF. Although speculation is the theme, the discussion is backed by thorough research to make each theory as sound as possible.

4. Teaching Tuesdays

With a theme of “Together, Everyone Achieves More”, Keegan has been hosting weekly Twitter Spaces to create a space for those who prefer a more personalized experience to learn more about the project. As an educator, Keegan applies techniques he uses in his professional world to help break things down and create a safe space where any thought or idea is welcomed. The Spaces are happening every Tuesday around 5:30PM PST and usually run anywhere from one to two hours.

5. 10KTF.WTF

A newer website to hit the scene, this project by 10KTF OG’s Inctube with support from Bobby-san has been developed to educate visitors on 10KTF. In addition to its “How-To” guides for beginners, the site highlights 10KTF’s collections, VIP community members, Battle Town Mission information, and a load out calculator to say the least.

5. Fake News Tokyo

Just dropped for the first time by 10KTF OG Guccheetah yesterday, this publication is the latest development in the 10KTF community to participate in speculating with an entertaining component and presents its information in the style of a newspaper for its graphic design. Introductions from creators like Guccheetah are an example of how incredibly talented 10KTF’s community is, and this will be a fun series to follow.

6. The DAM Show

Last but not least, The DAM Show is one of the main video podcasts and production houses to follow regardless of your position in the project. Hosted by DiamondHandz, Atareh, and Mebynetta, the trio is well-balanced with each personality, and each week, the show comes up with fresh and entertaining content to keep the community updated. The show typically airs on Mondays while also streaming a live show every Thursday to capture any developments that happen in real-time when 10KTF typically issues announcements. With its first video posted four months ago, the team has managed to upload 43 videos to date, they were incorporated into the lore with their captaincy, and DAM Show clearly show no signs of slowing down.

As you can see, 10KTF is surrounded by a community of creators who truly care about the project and want to do their best in sharing the information in ways that help the rest of the space understand what’s going on. With teases from 10KTF’s Twitter account that suggests new collections might be coming into the ecosystem along with a new recycling mechanic, all of the creators in the community are looking like they will be pretty busy in Season 2.

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