Everything You Need to Know About KodaPendants

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Following the recent partnership announcement, Gucci and Yuga Labs are set to debut KodaPendants – the first relic in the “Otherside Relics by Guccicollection. This initial collaboration features physical and digital activations in Otherside: Legends of the Mara and aims to “push the boundaries at the intersection of fashion, entertainment, and gaming.” Between decoupling Kodas from Otherdeeds and claiming Vessels, there is a lot to unpack with the 3,333 KodaPendant NFT that will be available, so we’ve put this short guide together to get you ready for the mint coming up shortly on April 6th.

What is a KodaPendant?

To put it as simple as possible, a KodaPendant is a limited, phygital piece that represent Gucci’s entry into Otherside. On the digital side, purchasers of KodaPendants will receive a metadata update with the “KodaPendant” trait along with a soulbound, visual upgrade to the Koda or Vessel NFT selected, which includes a KodaPendant and branded limited edition frame. During the summer of this year, KodaPendant holders will enjoy the benefits of a unique “Trail VFX” as well a branded chat handle for added social currency within Otherside. On the physical side, purchases will be able to claim a Koda-shaped pendant with “GG” and baroque-inspired engraving. The piece will be made of 925 silver with an antique finish with the chain measuring at 50cm long and the pendant sized at 22mm wide by 24mm long. To highlight its uniqueness, each pendant will be engraved with a physical KodaPendant edition number.

Who’s Eligible to Purchase?

This drop will be token-gated to holders Koda or Vessel NFTs, which are minted by way of making the critical decision to burn an Otherdeed and decouple a Koda from the land or claim a Vessel. In the case of the 10,000 Otherdeeds with Kodas on the land, burning of such Otherdeed will result in two NFTs: one for the Otherdeed sans Koda and the other for the Koda. For the remaining 90,000 holders, burning the Otherdeed will also result in two NFTs: one for the Otherdeed and the other for the Vessel. According to the news article by Yuga, this mechanic will be open indefinitely, but for those who prefer to preserve their precious tokens, purchasing said Koda or Vessel NFTs on secondary markets may be a great alternative.

How to Decouple Koda and/or Claim Vessel NFTs

Koda Decoupling and Vessel claims are set to occur later this week on the official website’s page for Legends of the Mara. While many enjoy interacting directly from contracts, this mechanic will only be available on the website.

How and Wen Can I Buy?

Once you have a Koda or Vessel NFT, you will be able to purchase a KodaPendant. The 3,333 digital KodaPendants will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis from April 6th at 6 PM ET for 24 hours or until sellout, whichever happens first. Each transaction is limited to one KodaPendant per transaction, but holders or multiple Koda or Vessel NFTs can return to make additional purchases so long as they are still available. Only $APE will be accepted for this drop with a mint price of 450 APE.

Closing Comments

With the excitement continuing to brew with Otherside, 10KTF, and now Gucci, we do expect to see a rush for this drop, which could mean one of two things (or both): gas wars and scams. For these reasons, we urge everyone to follow official links provided by Yuga Labs on its news website (news.yuga.com) and to avoid interacting with people in private forums.

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